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i am 20 and have a regular to slow metabolism. i can gain muscle quick but the fat doesnt come off. can anyone help?

Posted by z.little415

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I was in the same boat.  I own a software consulting firm in Dana Point, CA and found myself sitting behind the desk - basically no activity.  Last summer I found myself weighing in at 295 pounds and decided it was time to do something.  I did 4 things:

1.  Purchased a Body Bug as used on Biggest Loser to monitor my calories.
2.  Started walking everyday.  First just a mile and now doing a combination of walk and jog for 6 miles every day.
3.  Really started to watch what I eat.  Focused on the healthy stuff.
4.  Started a new weight loass program called Waifit.  The Burn pill boosts your metabolism. 

When I put the Body Bug one, my initial resting calorie burn rate was 1.4 calories per minute.  After I started the Burn pills, my resting calorie burn rate went to 1.9 calroies per minute.  That was a .5 calorie per minute increase or an extra 720 calroies burned a day.

Feel free to send me a to share and help in any way possible.  That is one thing that has helped me stay focus.


Yes!  I can help.  As a Certified Nutritionist, I have seen this repeatedly in my practice and studied the underlying causes why people don't lose weight.  It can have many underlying reasons.  Some of those reasons are thyroid, GI infections, stress, environemental toxins, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, etc.  

 Be careful.  Your solution is NOT IN A PILL.  Metabolic stimulants can be VERY dangerous for some people. They may be a temporary bandaid for appearances, but underneath, they may be wreaking havoc on your metabolism.

 I work with patients daily with metabolic issues and help them get to the root cause of their symptoms.

If you would like more information about "healing" your metabolism, please contact me at

be well and thrive,



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