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i am 13 and i am 5.6 and 130pounds. i want to lose 10 pounds, any suggestions?

Posted by Bunny

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ok im also 13 and 130 pounds but im 5.4 or 5.5

 i resently lost 20lbs (yaya) by excersiceing and eating about 900 calories a day ( not including veggies and fruits excluding bananas and carrots...high in sugars) and i still have six pounds till i reach my goal wieght so i understand were you are coming from.

my advice woyld be to check with your doctor and find out if you actually need to lose weight or if its all in your head. If you do need to lose a little then i suggest trying a low carb and low bad fat ( sugars, sweets, pop, chips ect..) diet and working on toning your muscles ( yoga and pilates are good and dvd's are cheap) instead of trying to lose fat. Also having a friend do this along with you makes it much easier because you can hold eachother to it, work out together, it makes lunch time much easier and you can celebrate together when you succeed! try and it may work, if not ask your doctor for some advice ( they really can help!)


oh and p.s.

only wiegh yourself once or twice a month, the number doesnt matter so much as the clothes fitting! so when the next size down pair of jeans fit smile unstead of wisjing you'd lost more!

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