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I “kinda” get Kate Moss’s quote…but not really.

Posted Jun 04 2013 7:46pm
“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”
- Kate Moss

I have always hated the quote. It just never made sense to me. It seemed like a distorted view of food.

Maybe because I do not know or will never know what skinny feels like. To me, skinny is three things…

1. A picture of myself in the past where I “looked” skinny but at the time felt overweight.

2. When I lost weight and someone would describe me. “Wow! You got skinny!”

3. Not me

For the longest time I would chase skinny. That is until I realized what healthy is. What muscular is. What awesome is. Those became my achieved goals.

But I have made fun of the quote for quite a while. Here is a woman who does not know what obesity is telling people that food is not worth it. Girls will read this quote and not eat just to be skinny? I mean, come on?

Of course, when you give your opinion, others will as well. It is a harsh “social media” fact of life that there are those who do not see your point of view. There are a lot of people who love the quote. There are those who were not over 200 pounds overweight.

They take it in a different light than I do.

But one person wrote me a simple sentence that changed my thought process of a hot model talking about not eating. He wrote…

“Tony, her quote is exactly what you preach.”

I took a step back. I got angry at first because in no way do I think that a food is better than being skinny. Plus, I am no Kate Moss. Well, it depends on the day.

But I started to look at my feelings on food and my thoughts on being healthy. I looked at my point of view on obesity and certain foods. And at the end I asked myself do I agree with Kate Moss’s quote…

The answer is “kinda”.

I do not have an exact favorite food. I have trigger foods. Pizza is one of them and Little Caesars is on the top of the pizza list for me.

But when I think about it I do ask myself  “What is better…Little Caesars Pizza or playing with my son?”

Of course, playing with my son.

I love the McRib. I cannot have one bite. I eat it until they are gone.

But when I think about it I do ask myself “What is better… the McRib or hugging my wife?”

Of course hugging my wife.

I love Dunkin Donuts.

But when I think about it I do ask myself “What is better…DD or wiping my ass on the toilet?”

Well, I do not love wiping my ass, but I hated not being able to.

I am a food addict. I know what triggers my eating.

So I stay away from it. I can live the rest of my life without most processed foods. I can live without artificial sweeteners. I can live a long and healthy life as well without them.

Because what did they give me in life? Self loathing? Shame? Selling myself short for years?

My story is not the same anymore. Truth is, I have now lost 225 pounds and kept off over 200 pounds for more than four years. I slipped after losing our baby in 2011. I slipped to 272 pounds and if I did not catch myself I would be here today over 400 pounds.

But I am not. I am around 190. I have maintained it for a while. I do not dream about food because I know there is a little more to life. I want more. I think I can become more.

But I am not like others. I cannot eat a bite or do things half ass. I am an addict, so I replace eating with writing, spending time with my family and working out.

So I will never know what skinny is nor do I want to.

But I have a quote of my own…

“No trigger food is worth being morbidly obese”…


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