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I’m Not Sleeping but Sunday’s are Still Sensational :)

Posted Apr 10 2011 11:05pm

Yesterday was rough! I traveled about 3 hours to NY for a cousin’s baby shower, just me and the Little Bean. In and of itself that wouldn’t have been a big deal. But getting home at 10PM and then trying to get some sleep while nursing a 3 week old just wasn’t happening. I vented a little on Baby’s First Year blog . Little Bean seems to have his nights and days mixed up. It’s pretty normal and I know it will pass but right now it’s killing me! I’m exhausted.

But I’ve been keeping up my food journal!

It’s the little things I do for me that help me stay sane. :)

Here’s my Saturday in Food….

It all started with a bowl of Grapefruit Oatmeal .

On the road I had a banana and a Larabar.

At the shower the meal started with a nice salad.

Then a small plate of pasta. Have I told you this party was on my Italian side? ;)

For the main course we had our choice of a few dishes. I went with the salmon.

It came with a side of fried mashed potatoes. That’s what that mozzarella stick looking thing is. I took 1 bite and left the rest. Why? Well because I knew…

The cake was coming.

After the shower I went to visit my great Aunt and Uncle. Again, on the Italian side. Of course I couldn’t escape without eating something. They bought an Italian cheesecake just for us. I didn’t really want it but I couldn’t turn it down either. SO I took a half of slice.

YES, that is actually half of what they hard portioned out for a serving. Unbelievable, right?

On the 3 hour ride home I decided on some protein. I discovered this gem a few months ago and it’s now my go to road snack when I need to pick something up in a pinch. Only 80 calories a serving and a nice lean protein!

Today started with a serving of a new experimental soup I was making for GreenLiteBites. It came out great and I hope to post the recipe tomorrow! (with better photographs as well. ;)

After the soup I straighten up in preparation for our houseguests. A couple of my friends were bringing over their kids to meet the baby. I made everyone grilled cheese on whole wheat and we tons of fruit and veggies on the side. It was a great lunch! I didn’t snap a photograph as I was too busy hosting. :)

After everyone left, Little Guy and I made some of my "Not Your Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies " Honestly, I just had a craving for them! I’m happy to say them came out great AGAIN! I’m also happy to say I stuck with a serving, unbelievably. Especially considering last time I made them, I downed at least 10. I just couldn’t stop myself.

In the afternoon, Little Guy and I went out to pick up groceries while The Husband stayed home with Little Bean. We also stopped at the candy store for a treat and I picked up this yummy chocolate bar.

It was a nice size serving for 190 calories. As you can see, Little Guy got something too. ;)

When we got home we put away the grocery. Honestly, we kind of just threw them in the fridge but hey.. at least we are prepared for the week.

I mean we are really prepared. :)

Notice the pot on the stove in the background. I made a huge batch of hard boiled eggs for the week .

Once everything was put away we made dinner. Using a package of Trader Joe’s pizza dough , I made a fabulous pizza out of leftovers and some fresh greens we just picked up tonight.

Honestly, it was DELICIOUS! I mixed some leftover taco meat and chicken in some leftover sauce I had in the fridge. I added a layer of diced up baby spinach and kale then topped it with some fancy shredded mozzarella and mexican cheese blend. The Little guy loved it too. :)

At the end of the day I sat with my two boys, nibbling on pizza and doing crafts.

There was no other place I wanted to be at that moment. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend.

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