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Hypnosis Cd Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Posted Nov 21 2008 2:25pm

hypnotherapy cd is a gentle yet effective method that helps a person to release unwanted habits, past emotional traumas or restricting beliefs through the creation of new thought patterns. A state of hypnosis is one of focused physical relaxation. As the conscious mind is focused on relaxing the body, the subconscious is directly accessible and extremely suggestible. Every person enters a state of self-hypnosis at least two times a day. The first is upon waking in the morning and the second is upon going to sleep at night. A hypnotherapy session produces that same sensation. A person will feel completely relaxed, thoughts will be quieted, and yet they are still aware of the immediate environment.

This relaxed state is so effective because the subconscious mind is open and ready to receive any direction impressed upon it. During this time, a hypnotherapist will ask the subconscious to reveal the root cause of the issue being discussed. It will respond by triggering a memory, a thought about someone or something, a vision, an intuitive hunch, or produce a sensation in the body. Most likely the root cause involves physical or emotional trauma, and one can never be sure how the core issue will arise until they are in the process of releasing it.

Hypnotherapy offers a safe setting for anyone to examine past experiences that they want to release and heal. An experienced hypnotherapist will know how to effectively guide a person through the remembered experience in the most gentle and safe feeling way. Once the root caused is identified and released, the hypnotherapist will continue to ask the infinite intelligence of the subconscious to reveal any insight as to what may bring balance, wholeness and well-being to that particular area of their life.

hypnotherapist weight loss

Listening carefully to the wisdom revealed, the hypnotherapist will repeat the advice back to the person using the most powerful and supportive words. Most hypnotherapists will record this part of the session so that a person may continue to reinforce the new thought patterns through auto-suggestion. Auto-suggestion is a necessary part of the healing process. It serves to embed and reinforce the new way of thinking until it becomes the dominant thought. That is the ultimate goal. As a person successfully shifts the way they think around a particular experience, they will experience the change that they are seeking.

People generally turn to hypnotherapy when they have a desire to heal a certain area of their life in which no other modalities have been successful. Considering hypnotherapy is to open the mind to new beliefs and experiences. hypnotherapy cd will not only serve to transform certain areas of a person’s life, it allows a person to experience the infinite wisdom of the subconscious that lies directly within them. To connect with an internal source of profound healing ability empowers people in many different ways. A hypnotherapy session is sure to remind a person that all answers are found within. Experiencing the power of one’s own mind provides a newly discovered sense of the unlimited potential of one’s own being. It truly is a wonderful experience.

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