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HYC Update – Facing down demons

Posted Jun 30 2009 3:37pm

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I have a confession to make – last week I didn’t make it to my WW meeting on Thursday.  Regular readers know this is a terrible habit I have – if I see something that I may not like on the scale the morning of my WW mtg, I often skip it.  It’s called DENIAL and AVOIDANCE, and I’m working hard to get over it and not get so caught up on the numbers on the scale, but it’s a process.

So, since I felt so guilty for not going to the meeting, I told myself that this week I was going to be a good Weight Watcher.  I was going to track every single thing I ate, no matter what happened.  And I was going to earn some major Activity Points.  Check and check.

I tracked even on Thursday when I had some sort of monster take over my appetite, and I wanted to have second portions at dinner, totally 50 points that day!  I tracked on Saturday, when our bocce appetizers and my dinner later in the evening made for a 60 point day!  But even though I had some really high point days, I tracked, and for me this week, that was all that mattered.

And I got in some major exercise – 28 points so far this week, and I still have two more full days before weigh-in on Thursday morning (which also happens to be my birthday – I’m hoping the scale will bring me a birthday present).  I swam, I Wii Fit’d, I EA Sport Active’d.  I’m loving unlocking new and more challenging games on the Wii Fit, figuring out a workaround for the EA Sports Active leg band problem, and overcoming major InnerFatGirl negativity when it comes to swimming.

I’ve faced quite a few demons this week, but I stood up to them.  Hell, I looked them square in the eyes and made THEM run the other way.  It’s been an awesome week.  So, no matter what the scale shows on my birthday weigh-in at my WW mtg (yes, I’m going to go, no matter what), I’m proud of myself.  Now I just hope the scale won’t be giving me a gift that I’d rather return.

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