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Hungry- but not hungry

Posted Nov 09 2009 12:00am
You know that hunger is soo psychological.... I was not hungry on the plane- but when they offered peanuts of these biscotti cookies... I wanted to say yes! I didn't, but I wanted to. Why do they automatically feed us just because we will be stuck sitting there for 20 minutes to 3 hours? What is that all about anyway? I got my water and was fine.

When I did arrive at my final destination- I needed dinner... Lately I have been feeling that "blood sugar low" if I don't eat enough protein. I can feel that kind of weak and shakey feeling. I was hungry for sure now... and of course that means that EVERYTHING in the grocery store looks attractive! I wanted chocolate.. I wanted Cheetos, I wanted things I never crave or even like... I was trying to justify Dark Chocolate- I mean Dark Chocolate is good for you right?? I did better than I wanted to... but worse than I should have....

I got quiche and some butternut squash... AND Chef-Boy-R-Dee Ravioli in a can, Combos, Mixed Nuts and a cinnamon roll!!! And guess what is STILL in the fridge?? The good stuff... the crap? Yeah I ate the raviolis and cinnamon roll for dinner!! UGH!! The combos and nuts are on the counter for snacks this week.

I promised myself I would not gain any weight this week while I was on the road... last week I gained back the two I had lost the week before... I lost them again this weekend with a lot of work!! It is harder to loose that same two pounds over and over again than it is to keep going down... but this is NOT the way to start the week if I plan to keep the weight off....

I wasn't even THAT hungry once I ate a few of the Ravioli.... UGH! Even though 89% of the time I do really well with not eating too much- and not forcing more than I need in... its that 11% of the time that makes you sooo uncomfortable and unhappy when you do it. I know how icky it feels... I know how UGH it feels.. but that 11% of the time that I eat too much... it is still way too often... I need to keep my focus... SMALL portions... only eat when I am hungry... FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS (oh and exercise this week while I am gone too!)
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