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Hump Day Trick or Treat: Stoned Trail Mix

Posted Oct 13 2010 6:06am

I feel like I’ve checked out on Halloween this year, but it’s totally not the same here in Houston!

Going into Hob Lob and seeing all the fall decorations sort of feels like going into the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome and seeing chicken fingers. Like, you welcome it as a sign from home, but it’s really just a sad reminder of a far away land and a thing you used to do. It’s not real.

However, I realize it’s real for most of you (and it will be real for me on the big weekend!) so I thought I’d share some of my best Halloween goodies from this time last year, when I was ass-deep in orange leaves and canned pumpkin.

Candy is Dandy — My best tips for getting your hands out of the “fun-sized” candy bowl and still enjoying enough treats to feel satisfied.

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You — This is an original from my Spartanette blog and I look forward to getting it out every year, much like my favorite sweaters. Yeah, we’re all going to be naughty something, but what kind of naughty you choose tells us a lot. Last year I was a naughty food item . File that under “u” for “unf*ckingsurprising.”

My Family’s Approach to Halloween — If you haven’t seen the way my mother makes Halloween costumes yet, behold the magic. She is a genius. Rumor has it, Eric’s costume this year will have working lights. Mine is just going to have the cutest tail ever.

Pick Your Poison Punch — You must drink this on Halloween! Or any time really. This recipe totally got me through the time I wore a super-slutty stewardess costume to what was not exactly (actually at all) a costume party.

Press Play: TREATS — Some candy tunes for you!

And finally, one of my favorite fall treat recipes is making its triumphant return after my best friend reminded me as soon as the temperatures dropped in the Midwest.

This was just the reminder I needed! Last year, I made this (indeed sensational) trail mix and loved it so much, I made an extra batch. Then I put it in empty jars, tied it up with a cute Halloween ribbon, and sent it off to all my friends.

To make the amazing recipe of which she speaks, you just need four things.

As you can see, we have some dried chopped dates, candy corn, Hershey’s dark chocolate chips, and peanuts.

And don’t even get all, “But, Rachel, I hate candy corn!” Um, pretty much everyone hates candy corn. In this case, you will probably like it.

Just combine the ingredients until you have a pretty equal mix of all the flavors and then let the feeding frenzy begin!

You don’t even have to be stoned to love it. It tastes just like a Snickers bar but is a pretty healthy — and seasonal! — little snack.

I will warn you though — it’s addictive. Probably more addictive than pot.

I already feel more in the Halloween mood!

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