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How You Program Your Mind And Body For Success or Failure

Posted Dec 09 2009 6:57am
2825069064_ab29d07512Our brains are very powerful tools indeed and depending on upon how we program it with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs it can either make us fail or succeed. So if our thoughts are predominantly negative then we tend to see negative things, more in the world rather than positive ones.

Someone called Tom Vizzini who practises a variant of NLP, says that we look through the world through filters, and if somebody is speaking about a particular situation you can see exactly how they are filtering the world. Whether, it is from a negative or a positive standpoint of view.

If it is raining then somebody who is looking at the world through negative filters will say something like, “I really am fed up of this rain it’s making me feel miserable” but somebody who filters the world through positive filters will see the rain in a different perspective.

They might say something like “I am glad it’s raining, because my garden needs watering, I need water to drink and I am glad of the rain”. Now let’s take this one step further scientists have now found that your beliefs and your emotions can end up being stored in your body very much like a computer hard drive.

So if you’re going through a particularly stressful time and thinking a lot of negative thoughts, this releases hormones within your body, and the information gets stored at a cellular level within your cells. So you’re negative thoughts become extended into your body.

The cells in your body have a membrane, which acts like a miniature nervous system all of its own, and it has it’s own intelligence so it can decide how it will function. This information is transmitted through the circulatory system in your body to your cells.

And because of these chemical messages which talk to the cells and goes into the nucleus of the cell. So the genes which are inside the cell are then given instructions on how to behave, so in addition these proteins will control how the rest of the cells function within the body.

The cells in your body can in fact interact with the environment upon which you are in, in addition to your mind and your emotional state, and this is also not exclusive to genetic programming as well.

With the cells being such a simple membrane device can only follow one direction at a time, so they will either go in a survival state, or a growth state. So for example if you are in a negative state of mind, then your survival programme will start to play out, and depending upon what is happening to you will try to find anyway you can to cope with it.

If however you exhibit a lot of positive responses, then this will cause more growth and you will be able to cope better. The way that your body can tend to see the world is represented at a very basic cellular level, which is always listening to the environment and how you behave towards it.

So any experience, which results in repeated behaviour, which will come from your habits, belief and emotions or any kind of stressful situation, will be stored in this miniature nervous system. Which will be waiting to be played back like a tape recorder should the stressful situation present itself yet again, the body has all these chemical messages processes going on which support all you’re negative programming over the years so therefore you have these beliefs stored in your body at a cellular level.

Affecting everything you do in your life and they end up influencing you far more than you ever probably realised.

These beliefs and emotions stored at a subconscious level throughout your body will be affecting your behaviour all the time without you even realising it. Your subconscious mind is in charge of your body on a 24-hour basis, and depending on upon how you’re behaving its monitoring you all the time and altering what you do.

If you want to prove this theory try doing the following with somebody, if somebody has a particular problem that is they can’t stop doing repeatedly, ask them to extend their arm out horizontally and hold it there.

Then ask them a question for example if they are trying to lose weight, and can’t seem to manage it, try asking this question for example I can’t lose weight because I keep eating too much food, then apply a force on their arm while you are asking the question and do it from a I am and I am not perspective.

If when you push down on their arm and it doesn’t move, then you know what is or isn’t causing the problem, if you ask them a game from a different perspective say for instance I do want to lose weight or I don’t want to lose weight. If when you ask the question and their arm goes down in this instance I don’t want to lose weight.

Then you will know that they have some kind of limiting belief that is stopping them from trying to lose weight. This will actually prove that their beliefs are being stored in their body.

Here is something else very fascinating about cell research, which I read some time ago some cells were put in Petrie dish. And put near something which was toxic, after a while when the scientists went back to look at the Petrie dish.

They found that the cells had moved away from the toxic substance, the question is how did the cells know that the substance was toxic? some cells were taken out of a woman who wasn’t feeling very well when the cells were taken out they were in quite a poor state.

Once they were put on the Petrie dish they started to thrive all on their own having come out of the toxic environment. So it would seem that our beliefs affect our biology far more than we ever realised. As Freud once said the issues are in the tissues.



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