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How Whey Protein Helps Weight Loss

Posted Aug 21 2012 2:08am

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Many us have continuing issues with trying to lose weight. However, research has found that taking whey protein in a shake may help with your weight loss. The findings of this research which help with managing your weight are the following whey protein helps you to feel full. So you eat less, whey also helps with stress levels and keeps cortisol levels in check.

This adds to other health benefits of whey protein, which are immune system function and cancer. So what’s in whey that makes it useful. It’s a complex make up of lactose, protein and minerals with small amounts of fat. Studies have found whey protein may help people to shed weight using different pathways.

Being hungry and your appetite are regulated by hormones in your brain and body. One of which is cholecystokinin and regulates appetite when you eat food, your stomach secretes this and sends the signal to your brain to say you are full. And helps with appetite control.

Other hormones involved are leptin, insulin, glucagon 1 and others. What you eat affects these hormones, especially the amount and types of food, decide how much of these hormones is released. Recent studies have found whey protein affects these hormones because protein makes you feel satiated, so you eat less. However, not all proteins are equal in this manner as other studies have found.

Two studies run at the University of Surrey, UK, compared whey protein and casein. Which is another protein to compare their affect on appetite and satiety hormones in the first study the subjects had a liquid meal. Which had either whey, or casein after 90 minutes. They had access to a buffet, the participants in the whey group ate less food.

During the second study, they looked at how whey and casein affected plasma levels of amino acids and hunger hormones next to the casein. The whey beverage produced a 28% increase in amino acid concentrations. When you combine all this information together, it means whey protein helps to make you feel full, and satisfied, which leads to less food intake.

If you follow a high-protein diet. This helps with insulin sensitivity as well as a reduction in body weight at Australiain the  University of Adelaide. They did experiments on rats during the first one they had a high-fat diet and the second a high-protein diet. The results came in and they found the high-protein diet suppressed energy uptake so they ate less.

Because of the fullness affect that protein gives you. If you consume whey before you exercise. You can burn fat. A French study followed male rats that exercised for two hours every day for five weeks, in the first group they exercised in a fasted state. Another group exercised for one hour after having a meal, which contained either whole milk protein, glucose and whey protein.

When the results came in, they were surprising. The glucose meal had improved glucose oxidisation. This means that they burned sugar rather than fat. Compared to the whey group they preserved lipid oxidisation and protein oxidisation went up, protein was used as a fuel source.

One of the interesting things found from this study in the groups that either had glucose or whole milk protein any weight increase was body fat. Compared to the whey group they had gained muscle mass and decreased body fat.

Another good effect of whey protein is it makes you feel good by boosting serotonin levels. If you’re not stressed, anxious or depressed, you are far more likely to be motivated to exercise. The stress hormone cortisol makes your body store fat. In conclusion, by making a few changes to your lifestyle. You can reap many benefits by incorporating this protein into your diet.



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