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How to Stop Food Cravings In Their Tracks

Posted Jan 07 2013 5:00am

What to do when you are trying to lose some weight and you just have to have some (you name the food)?

Do you try to get rid of the thought, push it down, way down, or kick it out, way out?

What happens when you do it that way? Does it backfire on you sometimes, and make you think of what you crave even more? That can certainly be the case.

What craving management strategy do you use?

What if you were told that cravings are normal and expected and outside your voluntary control, and the way to handle cravings best is to accept them as they are without trying to change them in any way? That would be the first part of the strategy.

The second part of the strategy would be your willingness not to act on the craving. In other words, experience the craving without actually eating the desired food.

The final part of the strategy would be realizing you have the ability to behave in concert with your desired goal. This means you would be sticking to your resolve to lose some unwanted weight rather than acting on an internal experience.

There are lots of good craving management strategies. Don’t leave home (or stay home) without one.

For more on cravings, please go to The Reading Room, which is in the left-hand column of this blog at and look under cravings/urges.  


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