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How to Save Your Face When You Drop 20 Pounds

Posted Aug 23 2012 6:15pm


When life hands you lemons, sometimes the lemonade you make isn’t quite sweet enough. Maybe you have lost a friendship or experienced the death of a loved one. Maybe you have lost your job or suffered a setback that threw you for a loop, making you lose your appetite.

Unexpected upsets can create the “breakup diet” and that may cause an unexpected twenty pound weight loss effortlessly. When you lose weight quickly through any type of trauma, illness or upset, your clothes are going to look too big and your face will look less defined, thinner and maybe droopier because losing that underlying layer of fat has changed the shape and contour of your face.

What if you drop 20 pounds intentionally? Your body will most likely appreciate the healthy effort as you live, breathe and move more easily but what about your face? Losing weight means you lose volume throughout your body – knees, fingers, feet and face.

Even though dropping excess pounds can be a real success story, after all, it’s a fabulous feeling to wear sleek jeans and a skinny top, but sometimes there is regret as you helplessly watch your face become flabby and slack with droopy cheeks, jowls and pouches.

Many men and women have used plumping and paralyzing injections to prop up their sagging faces; in fact, the liquid facelift, using many injections throughout the upper face produces the “pillow face” that we currently see on many celebs who try to make us believe that Mother Nature generously provided them a new, yet weird look. Certainly after a few weeks or a couple of months, the engorged features begin to return to a more normal appearance but these injections have not stopped their aging faces.  So one either continues with injections or one may revert to even something more invasive – surgery.

How many injections will be too many? Consider this: Let’s say that you’re 35 years old and that you want to look sensational for the next 50 years. What’s the long-term cost to your health by regularly injecting chemicals and toxins into your body? What will your face look like after years and years of plumping and paralyzing? Will you still be pretty or will you look misshapen and overdone? After all, paralyzing your facial muscles is actually weakening them long–term.

Ask yourself how many procedures can you safely manage over your lifetime? We’ve seen celebrities who have had face work done with unnatural results yet they can afford the very best medical practitioner. Disasters can happen and there are lots of stories on the internet of face lifts gone wrong.

Don’t despair thinking that you will have to spend your children’s inheritance or go into debt to take up the slack in your face. Without drugs, surgery, sutures or anything invasive you can create a youthful face using only your age erasers – your thumbs and fingers.

You can look younger longer using a natural, proven method –  facial exercise.

Learning and using a  facial exercise program  means you look like yourself, not someone done or over-done, but naturally pretty with lifted and toned features.  Your friends and family and peers will recognize you because facial exercise turns back the hands of time to help you look five, ten, even fifteen years younger.

“I relied on injections for years until I discovered facial exercise. Now in my 50s I look almost the same as I did at age 25 and it’s all natural. Facial exercise is my number one beauty secret!” Jackie Silver, founder, president,  -

You, too, can discover the fountain of youth. It’s not in a syringe or at the end of a scalpel. You can maintain your youthful face using exercise for just a few minutes a day. You’ll love your results and you can laugh all the way to the bank because exercise is inexpensive, it saves your health and helps you develop a youthful face.

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