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How To Protect Your Health With A Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Posted Nov 02 2008 2:25am

By taking a proactive approach to managing your diabetes, and there’s lots of tips for a healthy diabetes 2 diet, the diabetes will not negatively affect your life or health. By following a healthy diabetes diet, testing your blood sugar levels frequently, making sure you get lots of exercise, and making sure you take your diabetes medication will all contribute towards safe management of your blood sugar levels. Good blood glucose control is vital to reduce your risk of allowing the diabetes to develop into more serious issues, and the doctors will explain ways to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Keep on top of your blood glucose ratios

One sign of diabetes that can be detected through some simple blood tests is having higher than normal blood glucose levels. With diabetes, efficient management of blood sugars is very difficult for your body. The key to caring for your diabetes lies in maintaining your blood glucose level between 4 to 7 millimoles per liter. Monitoring your blood glucose level regularly will help you to achieve this. This is critical in the prevention of long term complications.

You can now test your blood levels very easily and at home too. There is a huge range of diabetes testing equipment available, from basic blood testing strips up to PC based software and electronic devices that permit you to view and analyze your test results on the computer.

Whatever type of diabetes you have, your blood glucose levels should not exceed a minimum of 4 and maximum of 7 millimoles per liter. By controlling the levels and maintaining these levels you can decrease your chances of contracting more serious diabetes related conditions.

The amount of time and effort you need to devote to doing our blood tests is not set in stone - it’s governed by what if any diabetes medication you’re on, what food you’re eating (for example, are you on a diet for gestational diabetes?), and if you’re taking regular exercise. All you need to do is fit them in around your lifestyle and help you effectively control your diabetes.

Why A HbAlc Test

Despite the fact that performing your own blood tests at home is crucial to managing your diabetes there is another type of blood glucose lest called the HbAlc test, which is done by your doctor and you have one every 6 to 12 months.

Your home based tests differ from the HbA1c test in that your home based testing kits shows real time results and the HbA1c test gives glucose level for the previous six to eight weeks. The HbA1c test gives results in percentage format and an ideal result is 7% or lower.

In conclusion, the areas governing your blood glucose levels are your level and regularity of exercising, your diet, your tablets and any insulin injections. When your blood glucose level is poorly controlled you will experience hyperglycemia (high blood glucose).

Regular monitoring of your blood glucose levels is without doubt one of the best things you can do to reduce your risk of suffering from more serious health conditions arising from diabetes. Regular testing and tracking your results will lead to the biggest part of your figures inside the 4 to 7 millimoles range for optimum health. This means that your HbA1c result will be close to 7 per cent.

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