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How to Plan Your Success and Get Your New Best Body Goal... Achievement Ladder

Posted Dec 23 2008 11:45am

7 Step Goal Achievement Ladder

To energize your mind with proven techniques to help you plan your success simply go through the 7-Step Plan below and you’ll come away with a crystal-clear idea of what you can do NOW to get ready to get YOUR NEW BEST BODY GOAL.

STEP 1. Develop a DESIRE to achieve your fitness goals. The desire must be intense. Ask yourself, how do you intensify desire? Sit down and write out all the benefits and advantages of achieving your goal. For example better relationships, health, quality of life and personal satisfaction. Once the list goes between 50 and 100 your goal becomes unstoppable.

STEP 2. WRITE your goals down. Once goals are written they become substantial and starts etching into your subconscious. Be specific “ I will lose 24 ponds of fat and gain 12 pounds of lean muscle”.

STEP 3. IDENTIFY 1) the obstacles you will need to overcome, 2) the help you will need to acquire, e.g. knowledge, products, support. In each case write them out in a clear list and analyze them. This one should be easy since there are various supplements in the market that come complete with high-tech fat burner / fat incinerating / bodybuilding / muscle building prohormones  / products at competitivve prices. Also, we have kits to fit your goals from fat burners, bodybuilding, muscle gaining,weight loss, etc that you can find with all the products, information and support you need to achieve your goal. Visit and shop on our SHOP BY GOAL section, and you will be all set to achieve your goal.

STEP 4. Create a TIMELINE for your goal. Analyze where you are now in relation to the goal and then create a timeline that measures the milestones that will need to be obtained to complete the goal.
STEP 5. Take all the details of steps 3 and 4 and make a PLAN. List all the activities and prioritize them. Rewrite the list, optimize it, perfect it.

STEP 6. Get a clear MENTAL PICTURE of the goal already accomplished. Make the mental image crystal clear, vivid in the mind’s eye. Play that picture over and over in your mind.

STEP 7. Back your plan with PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION. Don’t ever give up even when you hit setbacks.



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