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How to Maintain Weight after Successful Weight Loss. Yo-yo Effect.

Posted Feb 19 2013 11:04pm

A few days ago I wrote about how to lose weight with Herbalife.

Whether you need help losing weight or you've lost already, sooner or later you will experience yo-yo effect. Sorry my friend!

Read 5 short tips how to prevent weight gain and stay slim forever.Herbal Weight Loss

  What exactly is yo-yo effect?

It's nothing unusual.
This is a natural reaction of your body that has lost fat stores - that is, a provision for the survival of "rainy day".
Maybe you do not like it, but the human body is always trying to accumulate stocks for survival.
This is genetically encoded.


Over many centuries and even a few hundred years ago it was not so easy to get food like today, right?

Body (man), who had stocks, could more successfully survive a famine or crop failure. So evolution works. And I know you may not like it, in particular if you want to lose weight ;)

Since we know it, how you can use this knowledge?

Read on for some valuable tips and use them, and you'll maintain your slim figure forever:


1. Forget about "rapid" weight loss as well as "quick, fast, fastest, etc" ones(*)...Rapid Weight Loss

(*)does not apply if you're in a panic because your prom (wedding, casting etc) will take place in two weeks ;)

If you’re going on a "rapid diet" and you suddenly limit the amount of food, you will lose weight, indeed. But your brain will read it as a "time of famine".

Your body switches to saver mode. You will lose weight, but your body will look for every opportunity to stock up.
Sooner or later it will find the opportunity, once you lose weight and you'll want "return to normality"...

Your body will betray you, almost unconsciously you'll add one more bite of the main course, a few tablespoons of the whipped cream with strawberries (strawberries are still healthy, right?) ;)
This is how your body will begin to rebuild the lost fat reserves. Yo-yo ...

This is not a race!
The most sensible way lose weight
is a slow, constant loss of 5 lbs. per month (for people with little overweight) to 10 lbs. per month for people who are overweight with 50 or more pounds.


2. The importance of the Weight Maintenance Program:


Necessarily use the weight maintenance program after a diet!
It is an integral part of any successful diet.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people forget about it or do not know that it is absolutely necessary.
Weight maintenance program is a process of acclimation to the new, less weight and "programming" of the body to the new shape.

Should last at least as long as you lost weight.
During this period, you should weigh yourself every few days and try to maintain the new weight.
If the weight will "bounce" a pound or two, go back on a diet to drop to the desired level.
Give your body time
to memorize your new weight and figure, got used to it, treated it as a normal and learned to live with it.


3. Do not lose weight for THE event only!


Research shows that more than 95 people, who have lost weight before wedding, regained that weight back - usually with the addition of several pounds.

If you notice a month after the event that your new clothes are too tight, it doesn't mean that they've shrunk in the wash. Trust me!

This is the wake-up callRooster that your beautiful figure will soon be only a memory and your appearance from the prom (wedding etc.) will be obsolete.

So WAKE UP!and act now!
Not tomorrow or on Monday (which one BTW?) -

NOW is the best time! You can do it, you did it once to look great in a wedding dress!

You only need a positive decision!


4. About healthy habits:


The hardest thing for modern people to understand is that “you eat in order to live” (healthy and full life), rather than “you live in order to eat”…

Already written a lot about healthy eating habits. They are very simple:

  • Eat several small meals a day
  • Try to add as much as possible raw vegetables and salads
  • Get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger
  • Fall in love with water and drink it every day instead of sweet sodas

These few rules will allow you to forget forever the XXL size.


5. About YOU:


I love ME

For you, you are the most precious person in the world.

If you’re able to work hard in order to impress other people, why do not you want to impress the most precious person, yourself?

This requires a bit of effort, self-discipline, sometimes resignation of sweet pleasure for dessert, but the reward you get health, energy and sense of success.

I keep my fingers crossed for you, I know you can!

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