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How to lose weight with a Mediterranean Diet

Posted May 12 2010 2:40am

Hi everybody! I wrote an article on Wikihow about “how to lose weight with a mediterranean diet”. It's a 9-step-guide on how to keep your weight under control in a healthy and tasty way. I republished it here for you: I hope you'll find it useful! I'm looking forward to hearing your comments!!


How to Lose Weight With a Mediterranean Diet

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit
The Mediterranean diet is a balanced and complete set of eating habits, that has proven itself to be a valid ally in losing weight in a healthy and tasty way and, according to recent studies, also in preventing several diseases of the modern society (cancer [1], diabetes [2][3], Alzheimer's [4] ). It is a varied diet that guarantees the proper contributions of main essential nutrients like fiber and antioxidants, also providing for an overall lower caloric intake. Key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet are foods like extra virgin olive oil, bread, pasta, legumes, fish and vegetables, along with a moderate amount of animal origin products.


  1. Subdivide your daily food intake into 4-5 sitting. This division helps you digest foods more efficiently and better utilize the main nutrients present in your food.
  2. Eat proper amounts of pasta. This is a product capable of acting as the main ingredient of meals.
  3. Accompany foods with bread. Try to choose multigrain bread or traditional Italian bread or rolls and avoid as much as you can specialty breads, that are often prepared with the addition of oil or butter.
  4. Include “all-in-one-meals” like pasta with vegetables or legumes in your daily routines. They are typical of Italian cuisine and provide you with the same nutrients as a three-course meal while being also lower in calories.
  5. Use olive oil as your preferred fat. It's an extremely digestible fat capable of assisting in the digestion of other fats. Recents studies also suggest that olive oil is the key to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, due to its content of phenols, a family of weak acidic that repress genes which cause inflammation, so decreasing the risk of heart disease and arthritis. [5]
  6. Eat alternative meats such as chicken, rabbit, pork, turkey. They carry similar nutritional values to red meats, but are less fatty by nature.
  7. Eat plenty of fish, with special attention to blue fish like sardines and anchovies. They have elevated nutritional value and low fat composition.
  8. Limit the use of salt, replacing it with traditional Mediterranean herbs and spices to increase the flavor of foods.
  9. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, which guarantee the proper consumption of fiber, minerals and vitamins (especially carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and folate).

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