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How to Lose weight…And Keep it Off Forever!

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:01pm

Lots of people face this situation doing their journey to losing weight and getting healthy. Many work hard and exercise regularly. But unfortunately many have found out that they can not lose weight after so much effort and investment. These are challenges we are face and how to solve them is discussed below.

1. Don’t Rush, be patient.

the hardest part of weight loss is patience. In today’s world, if we need something, we always want it with immediate effect-so urgently. The thinking is always here is my money let me have my product or food. We seem to have the “instant gratification” attitude. We want instant success in everything we do and want all out needs to be fulfilled without delay. We can break this habit through weight loss and healthy living. Weight loss and healthy living required lots of hard work and planning in order to see a tangible result. Plan your exercise routine and be patient, it may take longer than you expected but the good news is that it will be gone forever. It is a little short term pain for a long lasting long term success.

2. Don’t bore your body to death.

Have you ever imagined yourself living a life where all what you do every day is repeating the same thing all over again. Have you ever you imagined how boring it would be if all you have to eat every day is rice and egg or some other food for the rest of your life? Sounds scary right? Just imagine how bored you would get after three days of doing the same thing over and over again. It is a sad thing to imagine but this is true for so many people who are dieting and intending to lose weight, they tend to stick with the same workout plan for many weeks or even months! Your body is amazingly built by the creator ( GOD), your body has the power to adapt to anything given to it over a long period of time. Therefore if you do the same workout, in the same order and at the same time for a long time, your body will adjust and adapt which means you would not see the much needed results. Wastage of time right? Yeah right. If you must lose weight and you are sincerely serious about it you need to “shake it like a salt shaker” and give your routine a total makeover. It is advisable that you change your workout routine at least every 2 weeks. Changing your workout plan every 2 weeks gives your body some time to grow and not adapt. It also makes your body continually lose weight since changing your workout plan would not give your body the opportunity to adapt.

3. You must be positive.

Almost every one of us, when faced with a difficult challenge, we almost always think negatively. This is true for every one of us even during weight loss process. We almost always get frustrated when it seems we can not lose those silly and annoying extra pounds. Many spend lots of productive energy thinking and verbalizing that they “can’t lose weight” Or that “weight loss is just another impossibility”. If you must lose weight then you must try to encourage yourself with positive affirmations. It can be as simple as saying “(your name) You can do it and you must do it! you are almost there, don’t give up now!”. Adding a little positive affirmation to your spirit will give your weight loss process the much needed courage and will eventually help you live longer and lose weight for good.

Wishing you all the best in your weight loss.

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