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How to Lose the Weight with Journalling

Posted Jun 06 2010 11:08pm 1 Comment

If you think journaling is a waste of time, think again. There are several benefits to using a journal on your journey to weight loss.

1. Journal your way to weight loss

291512_keep_the_weight_away Weight loss is indeed a journey, one that is full of unique adventures, rough roads, and obstacles along the way. But, you still put one foot in front of the other and move forward. A journal was designed to record that journey, to be accountable to yourself by recording ideas, triumphs, feelings, foods, etc.

2. Writing it down gives it life!

When you record in your journal, your are giving it a second dimension. You are more likely to continue when you glance at your entry for the day, the foods you ate, the exercise you did, the way you feel.

3. Journaling keeps you honest.

And you DO need to be honest, with yourself. Your journal can be your private space to share your innermost feelings with yourself. Writing down your feelings, often opens the door to more exploration, really examining the “whys” and “how” so you can understand “What’s eating you” more than what you are eating.

Why I love Fitday

I found an online journal that allows me to do all the things I just shared, and even more! Fitday allows me to share my journal or keep it private (I keep it private)

It allows me to record my daily food intake and it tracks all the calories for me. It also tells me what type of nutrients I am getting from my foods.

It’s so much fun to see what percentage of potassium I have for the day, or sodium, or calcium. Fitday helps me to focus on what’s right about food. You quickly begin to realize that food indeed serves a purpose and it encourages me to want more of the things that promote good health.

Fitday also provides you with all kinds of reports, but my favorite is entering my exercise for the day and discovering how many calories I’ve burned off.

It tracks your weight loss goals and keeps everything in order for you, right at your fingertips.

For me, Fitday is like my own personal weight loss buddy. I highly recommend it!

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I totally agree with you, Journaling works!
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