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How To Lose 20 Lbs In 7 Days

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:01pm 1 Comment

The fact that you are reading this tells me you are having some people losing weight and You would like to know how to lose 20 LBS in 7 days if possible. I can assure you that there is a solution to weight loss but it does not come easy, it involves some tough ( not so tough anyway) dieting and regular exercises.

First you need to ask yourself these questions : Why am I in this postion? Why do I need to lose as much fat in such a short time ? Wait, don’t don’t stop reading because you are likely to find the solution down below.

Still here?


Believe it or not but the truth is that, procrastination is one of the main reason why you have found yourself in this position, you could have started this weight loss program some few weeks, months or even years ago but decided (procrastinated) to wait till this time. If you had started some time back it would have been more easier but instead chose to wait till now.

No! I am not playing the blame game on you. I know you might have got here uncuriously. Well back to businesss. Losing weight is all about your eating and exercising habits. Many of us have no eating and exercising habit, we just eat what we want, when we want it. Some of us don’t even exercise or than maybe walk to work or the little house cores. You might have realised that though you eat much more lesser than your skinny friends but you are still the fat one. The problem is, you don’t have a good eating and exercising habit which your friends do. Having no eating habit not only make weight loss hard but also make life harder for you. The reason for this is because your sugar level goes up and down like yoyo helping pancreas to produce larger amount of insulin and 1) Increase the rate that calories are being stored as fat 2) Lowering blood sugar levels making you tired, angry and hungry. People with a fluctuating blood sugar level are those that get cranky between every break at work. After a snack they shine up like the sun but in half an hour they drop like stone.

The first step to your weight loss is to make sure you get a stable blood sugar level. This can be achieved by eating good balanced diet. It is the bad cabohydrate are those that help make your blood sugar level high. Remember that processed foods of contains a lot of ‘bad’ carbs and if you buy a non-fat or low-fat product it is still very fattening.

The next step in your journey to weight loss is to plan you eating habit. Try to develop a healthy. Calories are found in three different food ingredients, carbohydrates (read above), protein and fat. A lot of different diets like Atkins, South Beach, Mayo clinic and many others have the basic principle of excluding one of the three in the induction-phase and then the re-introduce the nutrient in small quantities in the second phase and so on. I believe that this is the wrong way to start losing weight.

I believe that we need calories from all three because that is the way that every animal eat, humans not excluded. If this is so, why choose an unhealthy, unnatural way of losing weight? For instance, the Atkins diet excludes carbs and you are not even allowed to eat a small apple during the induction-phase, does that seem natural?

The secret to losing weight fast is in my opinion and in my expertise eating all types of calories at the right time. Diets that use calorie-shifting have been used for the latest decades, have you ever heard of the Danish (not the pastry, the country) National Hospitals diet? They made a diet years ago that used this strategy the only problem was that you needed to be very strict, you had to weigh your foods etc making it hard to follow.

Today there is a development of this strategy that helps your metabolism speed up. Eating a different kind of calorie than what your body expects makes your body burn fat.

With this diet alone (no exercise) you could lose 20 lbs in 20 days, but you are in hurry, right?

To speed up your weight loss you should do fat burning exercises, like running, aerobics, spinning etc. If you still aim at being 20 lbs lighter by the next week you really need to get started. It is probably possible to lose 20 lbs in 7 days if you include the loss of water weight meaning the water that you lose during the diet. In my perspective nothing is impossible, but this is close to it.

Good luck in losing weight, you now know the basics of a successful diet!

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...thanks, but this was not specific enough. This was basically an article on how to start becoming healthier with calorie intake and how to stabilize your metabolism. You gave no specific way to actually lose 20lbs in 7days except basically saying, "oh yeah, dont forget to work out like crazy!"

well duh!!

I dont mean to make your article seem null invasive but next time, title your article to tell people exactly what your going to be talking about. Reading this was a kind of waste of my time.

Not entirely though. I did take some to consideration (Just thought id give credit to where credit was due.) 

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