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how to loose weight

Posted by Nagarj K.

give simple suggestions to loose extra fat up to 10 kg within a month
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Eerrmm... 10 kg is a ton and I've never heard of anyone who lost that quickly and not gained all, if not more, back. To lose weight in a normal slower fashion, I suggest the basics: drink 8 cups of water througout the day, try to eat healthier (complicated carbs, more veggies, healthy fats like olive oil, fish, avocado and the like, lean meats and so on), exercise, eat smaller portions, and so on. My particular way of losing weight involves 5 meals a day. 3 main meals of 1-2 portion (portion: size and thickness of palm) of carbs, 1-2 portions of proteins, and 1-2 veggies. 2-3 snacks that entail: 1 portion of carb or protein + 1 veggie. Good luck and remember that if one day doesn't go well on a diet, the next day will be better so don't give up!
u can start yoga ( excercie and pranayaam0 daily  60 to 90 minute. take a warm water daily have light diet avoid fast food etc  by fasting in a week edpending oin fruits only  there are some medicine also which helps to reduce weight for any other information or consultation u cand contact me  by email

If slim belts for reducing fat are harmful to health

im going loose weight by using slim belts
but i heared that slim belts are harmful to health is it true?

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You can start a fun 90 Day Challenge with a friend and lose up to 30 kg in 3 months.

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