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how to loose weight doing exercises in home or by reducing diet

Posted by Bobby


                   i m 6 feet and my weight is 72.two years back my wieght is 65 and my weithg got increased 7kgs in 2years. i m finding myselt over weight while climbing steps or while belly got increased my weight  correct to my height .kindly suggest for reducing weight and belly size

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I would say this makes you extremely thin and I wouldn't worry about it actually.  If you are honestly 6 feet tall and only 72 kg, you are at the bottom of the BMI for your height if you are male (I'm making that assumption).  If you are concerned about a "tummy" and it must be very slight if at all with your BMI, you can do some kind of stomach crunches to tighten up your belly area if you really think it is an issue or want additional weight loss.

Personally I would thank the stars you are where you are.  At 5' 10" I've gone from 278 lbs. in the last year to 185 lbs. now and I'm estatic to be there but my body is now starting to fight with me with getting lower.  I found a nice calculator to calculate your BMI here if you are still curious.

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