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How to keep weight off by being mindful and self aware

Posted Jun 30 2010 2:00am

There's something to be said for being mindful, aware, self-aware. One of the most important benefits after you've lost the weight and are trying to keep it off for good is knowing when you're in the throes of an uncomfortable emotion. Knowing this means you might be able to do something about your discomfort.

When you were overeating and stuffing and downing all those fattening foods, you didn't want to be aware of how you were feeling. Getting rid of what made you uncomfortable was the name of the game. OK, you probably felt uncomfortable some of the time anyway. You couldn't have eaten it all away.

So, here you are weight lost and you've just gotten over-the-top angry, all inside yourself, at your brother's silly antics at a family gathering. Those silly antics of his had barbs of course, and they were aimed at you. In the past, before losing the weight, you would have gone for another drink or taken too many hors d'oeuvres or had more than your share of dessert. In other words, you would have made yourself fat over it.

Now what do you do? What if you, for openers, took a good hard long look at your anger, and kept looking at it past the point of initial impact. Feelings do have their course to run, with a beginning, middle, and believe it or not, an end. As you are being mindful of what you are feeling, you also are accepting of what you are feeling. You're not letting your feelings throw you or chase you away, right over to your old friend food.

When you are able to be self-aware like this, there might not be any next steps to take. You might not have to confront your brother, who is so slippery no confrontation ever works. Your lack of observable action may be all you need to have a profound effect on your brother. Remember, having no effect on someone causes the person to not keep trying.

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