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How to keep my weight down after gastric bypass surgery

Posted by Sand

I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005.  I lost 100 pd.  I haver heard that the average people put back 30% of the weight they lost.  I need to loose 15 pounds.  I am watching my diet (eating 1500 cal./day) and because my treadmill is not put together yet since we moved about a month ago, I am walking 5 days out of the 7 days.  Please help me.  What to do????
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Congratulations on your wonderful weight loss.  You have to now lose we ight like the rest of us, slowly and by watching everything you eat. One thing you ought to do is get a trainer if you can and start doing lots of muscle building exercises. Walking may not be enough because you lost muscle from your surgery and also because you have so much less weight to carry around. Now build up your arms, back, chest muscles. They will use up calories, increase your core strength and help your balance. Allow yourself to be patient enough to lose a pound or less a week. Also if you see yourself falling back into old eating patterns, please seek some support and help so you can be confident that you will not return to a former life style.
just like me keep walkin thats all i do forreal...let me know
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