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How to deal with Weight Gain as a side-effect of Depression ( Nervous System related causes)

Posted Aug 07 2009 1:59pm

A recent survey found that 90% of adult obesity can be traced back to childhood depression.

There are two kinds of childhood depression. Acknowledged Depression and Hidden Depression. The former, usually stops at causing perhaps a drop in performance in school or a period of sorrow that melts away with time. For example, the loss of a loved one and the depression it may cause a child is one that is acknowledged and the child sorrows and then moves on.

It is Hidden Depression that causes a child to become vulnerable to various imbalances in later life. Some of the greatest most successful achievers have found themselves having to face weight problems linked to childhood depression. Hidden Depression shows its presence in children taking on their little shoulders the blame for things happening to their loved ones - parents or siblings or friends. It also shows up in a sense of underlying desperation that causes the child to stretch herself to the limit to make someone happy or keep them satisfied.

In adults, we know we have a Childhood Depression situation when the person is successful and happy most of the time, but faces manic depression every now and then. The person is a driven, cheerful and goal oriented person, but simply cannot manage to do the same with losing (or gaining) weight and maintaining weight balance. The person has much love for family and friends and sacrifices much for the happiness of others, but is at the same time reclusive and alone in his or her own suffering. The person constantly contradicts his or her opinions and thoughts about childhood and family seeming to have accepted that she herself was wrong and others were right. The person also carries a deep inner insecurity that stops him or her from enjoying the love, success or even wealth that he or she has worked hard to earn. No matter how good life is, something pulls them back down every now and then.

The matter is really simple, but means a whole new way of looking at oneself and a whole new life. Obesity (whether in adults or children) that is linked to Childhood Depression, means that the system has not been able to accept some way of thinking or looking at one-self that caused much sadness in childhood and still does. You are still sad. You have not accepted that something your spirit rebelled against even back then, and you are never going to.

The way out is to realize that your body is saying to you, "You were right back then about yourself, about your own truth. You are still right, even though you've let others convince you differently. You were right to be sad, you were right to rebel, you were right to feel insulted, you were right to be angry."

I know this is difficult because I have gone through it myself. For years I couldn't accept my own right-ness in the face of the 'right-ness' of others, I simply swallowed it all down, called it the past, told myself I was being daft or just a drama queen, and 'decided' to move on. It didn't work - and I've seen others try as well and this never works. You simply have to honor your own child heart, your own child experience, and hold it as your highest truth. You need to honor yourself every single day and every single moment to make up for all the years you suffered in silence.

For the sake of your entire life ahead, for the sake of the health of your body, for the sake of being able to give and receive love, for the sake of your children; you need to face and accept the truth about your own childhood, what you felt and experienced and what hurt. In facing these, you'll find the strength and courage to truly live again.

The human energy field - working with the subconscious brain - holds the memory of all our experiences that have not been fully digested and converted into action of one sort or the other. These show up in dense areas in the energy field through which energy flows very slowly, much of it draining away in the process. The dense areas are usually around the torso of the person, so much of weight piled on as a result of this denseness is around here.

People suffering from depression - especially if the depression is linked with childhood experience - tend to direct vital energy away from the center (stomach/lower back area) up towards the head. This is to suppress self truth to boost the control of the brain over the rest of psyche. The brain, head, neck and face in general tend to face electric over-charge. This causes a huge amount of mental activity (something encouraged in our times unfortunately), but it takes it toll in causing the face, neck, scalp, brain and head in general to 'tire out' holding so much energy in its tissues. All sorts of skin problems - the kind cosmetic expert call 'combination skin problems'; chronic fatigue syndrome etc can result from years of carrying so much mental energy around the head, directing most of it away from the lower torso and legs.

The worst situation arising out of this is that the person having constantly experienced mental energy in an imbalanced way begins to feel delusional, and begins to doubt his or her own real spirit experience as he or she tries to control everything in the light of thought and idea - much of which is inspired by others, through books or the media.

Its time to get truly centered, and not be just centered in the head anymore. Its time to live life from the gut and heart as well as the head. Most peoples' 'gut' is also a mental concept at this point, they try to 'feel' their center from their brain! So the thing to do is simply zone out of all the thoughts and ideas and all that, and simply get back to sensory things for a while.

Go through the day feeling what you touch - resist the impulse to describe it in words; enjoying what you see, moving to the music, standing and staring, lying down feeling the bed beneath and so on. No words, no talk, no ideas, no thoughts… just pure experience.

You might get a little panicky and feel like you are losing your self when you stop talking or thinking so much, but don't worry - it just shows how much you restricted your being to thoughts and words. And more than anything else, STOP TELLING YOUR SELF YOU'RE WRONG.

If you could use some help through this process, we can make a Prescription Energy Medicine for your own energy field. Using the information that we collect through our Online Consultation form, we work out the innate design of your energy field - its 'gathering of energy' points and the way energy flows out from your center. Then we find natural energies that have the same composition and flow design and combine them to form an energy field (held within water) that very closely mirrors yours. You take this mixture two drops a day, and every time you do, you are reminding your energy field to start flowing its own way, instead of the knots and crosses method its been forced into over the years.

Once your energy field starts sending energy out in a balanced way to all areas of your being instead of just to your head, or upper torso, or simply holding it up around the tummy; you'll find yourself experiencing energy to get you through the day without having to psyche yourself into things or force yourself half the time. You'll become aware of what you really want to do and what you've been forcing yourself to do because you think you have to.

You'll find yourself remembering the incidents and feelings you have lived through and hopefully you'll love yourself enough to acknowledge your spirit and love yourself back to a healthy balanced beautiful being - the way you are destined to be.

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