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How to cleanse my colon and feel better?

Posted by betseyboop

I would like to know how to cleanse my colon. The over the counter methods do not work. I feel so bloated all the time and someone said I needed my colon cleaned. I have gained so much weight and cant seem to loose it. I cant exercise much due to back surgery and swelling in my knees. So what do I do?  
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Feeling bloated can be due to weak abdominal muscles as well as internal events. What you should do is see your physician to make sure that you don't have any intestinal problem that might cause you to fee uncomfortable and which should be treated medically. If you are o.k. then a gentle exercise routine and weight loss will eventually decrease your bloating. Make sure that the exercise does not hurt you. You might want to find a trainer to establish an exercise routine for you. This is a slow but positive approach to feeling healthier and better.
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