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How To Burn An Extra 100 Calories A Day

Posted by Erin B.

Working 8 (or more!) hours a day, commuting to a from work, and spending time with family and friends, sometimes it’s very difficult to fit in a workout, let alone burning an extra 100 calories a day! Here are five ways you can fit it into your busy schedule: 1. Take a 15 minute walk around your office building. Not only are you burning 100 calories, you are getting away from the phones, computer, and getting a little sunshine and fresh air in return. 2. Vacuum for 25 minutes. It also gets the dog hair out of the carpet, too. 3. Instead of responding to emails and voicemails at work, get out of your seat and walk over to your colleague. Do this throughout the day, and you can burn 100 calories in 45 minutes (leisurely walking). 4. Call an old friend and catch up for an hour – it’ll burn 102 calories, and you’ll be in the know on all the gossip 5. Lure your significant other into the bedroom for a little one-on-one action. Do this for a little over an hour, you’ll burn 100 calories.
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The thing that most excited me about your post was the idea that we can burn calories from talking on the phone. I had no idea! No more sending people to voicemail and I tell you what, every time I pick up that phone I am going to grab a snack because I can burn off those calories during the conversation! hahaha It is funny, though. People seem to gain the Office 15 when they start working in an office environment, and as I was reading your post, I thought back to my office days. There is something that sucks your energy about sitting at a desk all day, and thinking about getting up and talking to my colleague actually made me tired. (shocking, I know!) So, if you work in an office, be sure to go out and get yourself some fresh air. Not getting enough oxygen circulating can make you sluggish and being sluggish can make you eat more to try and make up the difference. And yes, take that walk over to you co-worker. Burning an extra hundred for a chat? Priceless.
how do I get motivative when I haven't walk in a very long time?
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