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How Terry Wahls Reversed Multiple Sclerosis With A Healthy Diet

Posted Jan 21 2012 4:22pm

What would you do if you had Multiple Sclerosis and were bound to a wheelchair?

An internal medicine doctor from Iowa City may have new answers for anyone suffering with multiple sclerosis or other chronic diseases.

Terry Wahls Story With Multiple Sclerosis

Terry Wahls, M.D. was diagnosed in 2000 with Multiple Sclerosis and was wheelchair bound by 2003. She could walk only short distances and had lots of problems with fatigue. As is common among Multiple Sclerosis patients, the disease was getting progressively worse day by day.

terry wahls 254x300 How Terry Wahls Reversed Multiple Sclerosis With A Healthy Diet

Terry Wahls October 1, 2007 Before Changing Her Diet

She took the recommended chemotherapy but it didn’t help her much. Her symptoms only continued to get worse. She was desperate for answers and curious so she started studying medical literature and nutrition every day and started taking some vitamin supplements. She was excited to see some minor improvements from her supplementation regime.

In November 2007, she got the bright idea that she would be better to get her nutrients from whole foods instead of vitamin supplements. So she started to change her diet to get more of these nutrients she was missing and within 3 months she was able to get out of her wheelchair and walk briefly through the hospital exam rooms.

After 5 months she could walk without a cane and just 9 months later she was able to do an 18-mile bicycle ride!

After that she decided to change her clinical research to focus on the connection between diet and the reversal of chronic diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The Wahls Diet

The diet used by Terry Wahls personally, in her studies and that she recommends includes:

terry wahls 21 254x300 How Terry Wahls Reversed Multiple Sclerosis With A Healthy Diet

Terry Wahls October 1, 2008 After Changing Her Diet

At least 9 cups of vegetables and berries every day, as much raw as possible. This includes 3 cups of green leafy veggies, 3 cups of sulphur-rich vegetables like in the cabbage, onion, asparagus family and mushrooms, and 3 cups of brightly colored vegetables and berries.

Limit grain and legume consumption to only 2 times a week.

Dr. Wahls also includes meat from natural, free-range, organic lean meats in her diet program.

The diet absolutely bans any dairy, gluten, or processed foods like white flour, white sugar or processed vegetable oils. Dr. Wahls notes that the proteins casein (from dairy) and gluten (from wheat and some grains) can cause immune reactions and should be avoided.

In addition to changing the diet, Dr. Wahls teaches people to meditate, how to self-massage, and use electrical stimulation therapy to help heal and get better.

Dr. Wahls notes that whenever she strays from her new, healthy diet she feels the fatigue and onset of the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Dr. Wahls is now working on new clinical trials to see how her diet can help those suffering from chronic diseases. If you’d like to support Dr. Wahls, visit her at her website here

Dr. Terry Wahls Interview

We interviewed Dr. Terry Wahls on her diet and her story and the research she’s currently working on. You can listen to the whole interview below;

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