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How Much Weight Do You Expect to Lose, and Does What You Expect to Lose Ruin Your Chance to Lose Weight

Posted Aug 20 2012 7:54am

You’re going to start. Your hopes are high. You’re going to shoot for losing a lot of weight. It’s not only losing a lot of weight you’re going after. You also want to make a big impact on how you look, how you feel, and what you think of your new thinner self.

You’re hoping for a big weight loss because you’ve got a lot of weight to lose. Don’t be disappointed, though, if you don’t lose all the weight you want to lose. Having high hopes at the beginning can turn into no hope and quitting during the long process of weight loss, if your expectations are too unrealistic.

There is, however, some weight-loss research that shows that having high expectations at the start can be beneficial. Having high expectations can give you more powerful motivation to change your behavior and encourage you to use more weight-loss strategies, with the result being greater weight loss during the first month.

Nevertheless, if you want to maintain lost weight , it’s best to adjust your expectations somewhere along the line. Lessening your expectations and making them be more in line with what you’re actually accomplishing doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stop there. You can keep trying to lose weight. In fact, many weight maintainers do try for additional weight loss. But they adjust their expectations to be more realistic first, and this helps them maintain. Once maintaining, they can opt to lose more without fear of regaining what they’ve already lost.


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