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How Much Credit Do You Give the Scale?

Posted Jan 06 2010 7:52pm

Question of the weekWARNING: I’m going to be talking about scale numbers. Specifically what the scale has told me recently. I am not you. We are not the same person, nor do we have the same body. So please, PLEASE, do not compare numbers.

Confession time. I haven’t gotten on the scale in, ohhhhhhh, about 2 months. Well that’s not really true, over Thanksgiving break we set up the Wii Fit and (ok, wait a minute. . . THAT was 2 months ago. HOLY CRAP time is flying!) Anyway, I went through the whole body test thing in the game and I was surprised when it declared me 139lbs. Now, I knew and know for a fact there was NO WAY IN FREAKING hell I weighed 139 lbs.


Well even though I don’t weigh every day like I used to, I’m very aware of my size. By Thanksgiving time my jeans were already getting snug. I was indulging in the candy with the little guy more and more. I wasn’t working out as much. I figured I was up 2-3 lbs, not down 5. (My average weight this year has been around 145)

Thanksgiving came and went. The holiday parties were in full swing. The trip to Atlantic city. The alcohol. The carb loaded Christmas Eve dinner. The cookies. I can go on and on but I think you get it.

Jeans still tight but my routine is returning so I’m not worried about.

I’m not.


I swear. :)

Anyway, Monday I decided it was time to hop on the scale. There’s a difference between not needing the scale and avoiding it. I’ve been skirting that line. It was time to take a peak.


Ouch! That’s over my Weight Watchers goal by 2 pounds. I haven’t see a number over 150 since January 2006.

Now I have a choice. . .

Do I get depressed about some stupid number on a scale or do I keep making the best choices I can to live a healthy balanced life?

I choose the choices! :)

The next morning I decided to wake up a little early and hop on the Wii Fit before work. It reported my weight at 144. That makes sense. In my estimates it’s about 5 pounds off. I think nothing of it and continue to make my choices.

Today I wake up and decide to hop on the scale again for $hits and giggles (sorry I had to say it, it’s one of my favorite expressions) and it says 147.

That’s 4lbs down on the same scale in 2 days. I weighed at the same time of day with the same clothes, or there lack of. ;)

Now I’m not saying I lost 4lbs in 2 days. That’s absurd. Let me repeat. . . There’s no way I lost 4 lbs of fat in 2 days! There’s just no way.

No, the lesson here for me is simple. The scale is joke. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tool. One form of measurement that we can use to track our progress over time (Key words there… OVER TIME) but it, by no means should be given the power we give it. It’s just a number. Simple as that.

Ok. That was a REALLY long introduction to the Question of the Week. . .

How much credit do you give the scale? Are you able to objectively look at the number or do you let it affect your mood? Do you even look at all?

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