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How Many Ladies drink a meal replacement shake one or more times a day?

Posted by mscaramelle

                         My Favorite ~ Mango Shake!

I am taking the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and enjoying a meal replacement shake twice a day.   I used to skip breakfast and when I do eat lunch it was 2 muffins or something unhealthy.

 Now I relax knowing I am getting over 60% of my nutrition in a filling fruit shake twice a day.

 Does anyone else do this?

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I rather do Shakeology! 

Although meal replacements are an effective way of losing weight, relying on them for two meals each day will make it hard for you to switch to eating normal food when the diet is over . Keeping the weight off when the diet is over requires understanding why you made wrong decisions about food and portion size in the past and practicing making right decisions in the present. When will you 'practice' if you rely on the drinks? Why not give your self two or three days each week when you eat real food with the same calories as the drink for either breakfast or lunch . If you make a mistake and eat too much, so what? In fact it may be important to make mistakes because then you can think about why you did and do better the next time.
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