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How many calories should i cut from my diet and how much should i increase my workouts by?

Posted by julesxx87

I weigh 179lbs at present i am a 5ft4 female and i consume between 2000 and 2200 calories a day.
I would like to loose weight safely.How much should i cut my calorie intake and increase my exercise by? I would like to loose a maximum of 2lbs a week.I currently walk around 3 miles a day on the school runs in mornings and afternoons.I also workout at home doing a dvd 2-4 times a week and the dvd workout is 55 minutes.I try and walk everywhere. please help i dont know what to do to loose weight the right way.please
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Losing weight the "right way" is crucial.  Or it will just come back!  Calories are the "old school" focus for losing weight.  That was the science in the 70's and 80's, however, That is no longer the whole story sceintifically .  There are so many other factors that have to be considered.

Cutting your calories and increasing your exercise at this point is NOT your answer.  

 Weight loss resistance can have so many underlying factors, such as Thyroid, Blood Sugar Metabolism, Detoxification abiity, hormones, toxicity, GI imbalance, stress, sleep imblances....and more.

PLEASE contact me at to learn more and get to the root of your weightloss woes.

 I would be happy to give you a free 30 mintue complimentary strategy session.

I hope to hear from you!

be well & thrive!




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