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How many blogs do YOU follow? A fun #Giveaway!

Posted Jul 22 2013 6:00pm

So I was remarking to a friend recently how totally INSANE the amount of blogs I read is. Thinking I was alone, I was simultaneously relieved and amazed that she came back with an even higher count. 

Oh yes, the crazy is out there. It's contagious! 

Cause while I feature "My Favorite Blogs" on your left over there (and it changes from time to time so keep en eye on it), I actually read....

Wait for it...

I read 148 blogs.

When I counted, I was actually surprised it wasn't more. Remember, I'm the girl with almost 250 apps on her iPhone . What's more, before I found a reader, I was visiting every single site individually. My browser basically wanted to punch me in the junk on the days I'd go blog surfing. 

And that count does not include the 20+ I keep bookmarked as they have seemingly been abandoned for now but may resurface someday.

It also doesn't really include news outlets. Because I have a hard time considering Buzzfeed a blog, though I know some may argue that with me. 

image from
So now I am curious. How many blogs do you read? I want to see if I am certifiable or at the average. If you are brave enough to comment below by the end of this week (July 26, 12pm PST to make it official), I have a funny little gift to reward the craziet reader out there. And while I'm trusting you people to be honest, just to slap some insurance onto it, I will give a second prize to a randombly selected participant as well.


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