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How Losing Weight Has and Will Change My Life

Posted Aug 10 2005 12:00am

5 ways my life is different now that I AM thinner
1. I know I will reach my goal because I have the drive and determination to get there and I am already having success.
2. I am moving around more than I was moving.
3. I no longer dread planning meals because most of the work is done for me.
4. I feel better about myself because I am finally controlling my weight and not letting my weight control me.
5. I have so many new friends who understand what I'm going to be going through and who support me and care about me and they don't care about how big I am or what I can or cannot do!

Now ... 10 ways life will be different when I get near or at my goal weight
1. I will go to the grocery store and walk through it instead of having to sit and ride an electric cart looking like I'm lazy when I just can't physically stand long enough to shop.
2. I will go to the mall and be able to walk around and even shop AT the mall instead of wishing I could shop there.
3. I will feel so much better about myself and how I look, even though I know it's what's on the inside that counts, everyone else lets our wrapper determine our worth.
4. I will be able to go to the movies and not have to worry what kind of seats they have and will I fit or not.
5. I will be able to use airline service and not worry about others thinking I'm invading their space, or have to buy two seats because I'm large.
6. I will be able to get down on the floor and play with my granddauther. I'll be able to take her for walks and fly kites and play on the playground.
7. I will go unacknowledged by the general public because I am 'normal' like everyone else instead of being ignored or stared at because I'm big as a barn!
8. I will be able to go out to eat and not worry about if they have booths or tables and chairs. I'll be able to eat what I want and know that I am making healthy choices because that is what I have learned to do.
9. I will be able to wear something other than polyester/knit pants I swore I'd never wear when I was a teen. I'll have blue jeans and cute clothes instead of ugly old woman fat lady clothes.
10. I will love myself and know I am a healthy person, a better person, a stronger person because I will have achieved the success of getting to my goal and then maintaining it because I NEVER want to feel this pain EVER again!

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