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how i can lose my belly fat?

Posted by aboura

i need to lose my belly fat what i can to do ?
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You are right to want to lose belly fat because having a big belly and waist is associated with several medical problems and decreased longevity. When you lose weight , you will lose your belly fat. But it won't happen overnight. You should find a weight loss program that will work for you for months, not just a couple of weeks, and also an exercise routine that you can follow for months and months as well. Do you overeat because of emotional reasons , boredom, being too tired, no time to prepare healthy foods, or even medications that you may be taking. If you overeat because of emotional reasons or because you are on antidepressants, look at a book that I wrote with a physician colleague. It is called the Serotonin Power Diet. It tells you how to eat to improve mood, decrease appetite and also stop overeating caused by antidepressants. But if this is not your problem, then check out programs like Weight Watchers because you will find support, good dietary advice and some exercise advice at the meetings.
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