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How Hannah Waterman Lost Three Stone in Five Months

Posted Jan 03 2010 10:56am

hannahIf you aren’t aware who Hannah Waterman is quite some years ago she was starring in the popular soap opera, Eastenders.

However, even though she is a well-known actress it doesn’t mean to say that she is immune to the same problems that other ordinary people have. Like anyone in life she too can gain weight or lose it.

And the focus of this post is to find out how she lost three stones of weight in five months, which is a very good achievement. By anybody’s standards so how exactly did she do it then?  let’s have a look and see.

Hannah’s Diet

Hannah had tried many diets in the past, but none of them worked so she had a diet plan which was put together by a sports scientist and nutritionist at Loughborough University by the name of Martin McDonald. He has worked with many athletes in their efforts to try and find the best way to burn fat by exercising.

Her diet was based on combining macronutrients, protein, carbohydrate and fats. It provides the following as far as nutrition is concerned plenty of foods, which tend to be high in protein. E.g. chicken, eggs, yoghurt or any other dairy product which is high in protein.

Careful monitoring of which fats to eat, so you tend to eat the essential fats which would be, mono saturated saturated fats, but making sure that you don’t eat too many saturated fats, which can tend to elevate cholesterol levels.

Lots of whole grain foods such as wholemeal bread wheat and pulses, brown whole grain rice instead of white rice. If you eat the above foods not only will it keep your stomach full your blood sugar will remain at a more constant level and this will stop food cravings so you are far less likely to eat more food.

If you were to follow this diet you would need to make sure that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, which will give you the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. When your body lacks certain vitamins and minerals it can lead to hunger pangs so it is vitally important that you have plenty of vegetables and fruit within your diet

Have foods that contain the following also iron and calcium, these can be found in fish such as salmon, and pulses. As regards to eating iron you will find these in breakfast cereals, eggs, and vegetables that contain a lot of green. A great vegetable to eat particular this time of year are Brussel sprouts.

I love brussel sprouts a lot of people don’t like eating them, but I absolutely adore them. Broccoli contains iron as well as spinach, which can tend to be one of those foods that we eat not so much of. Broccoli is another favourite of mine especially having it steamed delicious.

If you follow this particular diet plan combined with exercise you should be able to lose realistically between 1 1/2 pounds to two pounds per week. If all goes to plan I have scanned the plan so you can look at it yourself to see what’s involved it is in PDF format so you can download it and look at it yourself.

This particular way of eating revolves around six meals a day which are small in size, a lot of people seem to pooh-pooh this idea of eating small meals six times a day, but it worked for Hannah so why shouldn’t it work for anybody else.

Hannah’s exercise regime

Her exercise plan was put together by the same person at Loughborough University , who recommended what she ate as well. This is the UK ’s leading centre as far as sport and science are concerned.

Hannah decided instead of doing the rudimentary exercise that everyone else does, decided to try something different for a change instead of exercising for an hour or half an hour,

She went for 10 minutes of interval training, so what you do is exercise intensely have a brief rest period and then move onto the next exercise. And by exercising this way it’s the equivalent to one hour of normal aerobic exercise, which will be good news for a lot of people.

Hannah says that steady-state exercise, is what we are built to do daily. When we were hunter gatherers. we would be doing this daily just moving around at a constant speed. In this kind of state your body uses up energy at a slower pace. However, if you accelerate that pace say if you were being chased by a dinosaur then your body would start to use its fat stores.

On Hannah’sDVD the exercises are split up into the following you have three 20 minute exercises, and some 10 minute exercises, which concentrate on your stomach.

Here are the exercises that Hannah did.

Lunge and box

With this exercise what you do is, bend your leg forwards as in normal lunges, and as you do so bring your arm back and punch up wards into the air. Do these eight times on each leg so you’re doing both your left and right arms as well as your legs.

Punch and lunge

For this exercise stand with your legs apart, clench your fists then punch left and right. Doing this for 30 seconds have a rest for a brief period and repeat for four times.

Squats and punch

For this exercise what you need to do is stand with your legs apart, and move your arms up and down like you are lifting barbells. And also at the same time squat like you are going to sit down, but you are actually not going to sit down. Do this slowly whilst moving up and down for 30 seconds have a rest and repeat this for four times.

Bunny hop

To get in this position you need to put your arms in front of you, so they are touching the ground and then lift your leg in the air and switch from one leg to another do four sets of these for 30 seconds in other words do the exercise four times in 30 second intervals.


To do this exercise put your arms on the floor as if you are doing press ups, then make your legs jump outwards and inwards do this for eight times. Have a short break and repeat this twice again.

Full press ups

These are the standard press-ups that you do in any workout.  And all you need to do is try doing this eight times have a rest and repeat twice.

Reverse plank

To do this exercise you have to do the reserve reverse of the above so with your arms behind your back, and your legs slightly bent and your body being straight what you need to do is flex your elbows and lower yourself down for a period of 30 seconds you will need to repeat this for four times having a rest in between each set.


For this exercise, you need to put your arms above your head and rotate your hands around at a constant speed as if you are hitting a ball and at the same time jogging on the spot.

You need to do this five time in 30 second intervals. And that is it. This is how Hannah Waterman lost three stones in five months. And if you are interested in what Hannah ate in her diet, here is the download link to the pdf I mentioned earlier. Download it here

Source Sun Newspaper

Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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