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How Eating Disorder Begins

Posted by AregM

UK journalist Kate Spicer embarked on a six week journey of extreme dieting. "What does it take for a normal girl to reach size zero?" she asks. The frightening piece serves as a cautionary tale. What happens when someone embarks on a starvation diet? My legs might still look sturdy, but they struggle to climb stairs and my head is light as a feather. At times I woozily weave rather than walk. After two weeks, the obsession begins to take hold The next day I get up and run for an hour and feel really fat. The truth is, the more weight I lose, the fatter I feel and the more I want to lose weight. I lie in bed in the mornings feeling my hipbones and wanting to feel them more. I want them to jut out. By week three Spicer seems to be losing it I am suckered into the miserably compromised life of the artificially skinny. Yes, it’s a pain in my nonexistent arse not eating much. It requires a lot of concentration and you need to disconnect from certain (?) ....Continued on
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