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How do you view yourself?

Posted by Sarah

There are many views out there on what's healthy, beautiful, etc., in terms of our bodies, but every body is different! So I'm curious about people's body sizes and shapes and how we view ourselves. I'm also interested in how height, weight, and measurements interrelate and relate to dress size--it seems we often look at clothing size as some sort of beauty standard, but there's no standardized system of sizing in the US (and Europe is still perfecting theirs)... how much can it really indicate health?

So for this informal survey, how do you measure your body? Your health? And perhaps most importantly, are you happy with your body?

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To get us started, I'm 5'8" and weigh about 165-170 lbs (I'm not entirely sure because I don't own a scale). Based on this, my BMI is a little large--I'm a bit overweight. I wear a US Misses size 10-12. I'm pretty comfortable with this size, though I wouldn't mind slimming down and toning up in a few key areas! I think I'm fairly healthy, though I could definitely exercise more regularly. Interestingly enough, I may have been my healthiest cardiovascularly at a time when I was also my largest: In high school I joined a JROTC program in which I was jogging 1-3 miles 5 times a week, as well as doing LOTS of push-ups, crunches, and other excercises. Yet I was not eating very healthily and ballooned to a size 16-18 by the time I graduated! After I left the program, I stopped exercising nearly so much, but I also started eating better, and the weight just gradually came off.

I am not happy with my body, but I didn't start to make a change until I started to need a size 12, after wearing 8 and then 10 for several years.  At this time, I was 5'7" and about 150 pounds.

I know that sizes vary quite a bit from one brand to another, but I am still happier and more confident when I can fit into a smaller pants size.  When  I am depressed or have a worse opinion of myself, I wear bigger and baggier clothes and even shoes.

I love my body! At 45 years young my body is in better shape than when I was 25. I could care less about my pant size or the number on the scale.

Consistent weight training, moderate cardio and a good nutrition plan is my SECRET!

I usually can judge myself when it comes to my weight.  When I start feeling frumpy I know it's time to lose weight.  I like to also incorrporate as much water as possible in my diet too.  I can't do much activity due to my chronic pain, but I do make sure I get out for a walk everyday.

Fitness is very important for us . So that i love to do regular exercise in morning and also Take perfect diet on time .Because it safe us from various disease for example  hemorrhoids 

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