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How do you recommend eating well on a budget? How do we get the most bang for our buck?

Posted Mar 13 2013 3:31pm

Eating well on a budget is not that difficult it just takes commitment and willpower. Bad foods are cheap, and hard to resist when trying to save money. The trick is don’t bring them in the house at all. If you need a treat go to the store only for that item so you don’t flood your cupboards and eat all the bad stuff while the good stuff starts to rot.

Look at bulk buying Chicken Breast at first. If you look around you can get about 10lbs which will last you over a month for about 80 bucks. Next buy a few large planks of frozen salmon, and/or bags of basa, cod or sole.

Your best bang for your buck with high nutrients in the veggies section would be carrots, celery, broccoli, kale, and green peppers. For fruit go organic with green apple, bananas, and some frozen berries.

Pick up some protein powders. Vega one is a good meal replacement which works out to about $2 a serving. You’ll also need a whey or the vega performance for a purely protein source that could be combined with kale and a few frozen berries in a shake.

It helps to have some long grain rice which you will bulk cook twice a week, along with some quinoa. That goes great with hot sauce.

Then to top it off some almond butter, raw almonds, eggs, a little bit of cheese, and plain yogurt. If you can use all these items and reduce the meals eaten out you can definitely afford this list. It will be pricey at the beginning of the month but most of the items will last quite a while.


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