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How Do You Choose Weight-Loss Activities, Weight-Loss Steps, Weight-Loss Strategies and More

Posted Apr 17 2013 5:00am

How do you go about making decisions when it comes to all the different weight-loss activities, weight-loss steps, and weight-loss considerations? Do you check out all the options before choosing the absolute best one? Or do you lean to the other side of the continuum, bring to mind a limited number of options and select one that is good enough?

No matter which way you go, do you find yourself satisfied with your decisions and with the steps you take, or are you generally dissatisfied with the choices you’ve made?

The research shows that people who sought more options and tried to choose the absolute best option were more dissatisfied and had more regrets than people who opted for picking a step that was simply satisfactory. This was true despite the fact that the people who selected only the best had better outcomes at times. Seeking more options and selecting only the best creates higher expectations that are more difficult to meet, and is at greater personal cost.


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