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how do i lose weight wiht out gin to the gym?

Posted by chardi H.

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Activity + Nutrition + Attitude = Health. Weight loss is easy, but it takes a comfortable and realistic approach. First you have to take a look at your current life style. How much activitiy to do you regularly to per day or per week. Activity can be anything that gets you up and moving around. Walking the dog, riding your bike, playing ball with the kids...etc. It isn't all about sweating it out at the gym or running laps at the track. The goal is to spend about thirty minutes per day of activity. Then consider your current diet. Diet meaning your food choices. Read up on Metabalism and how to positivly and negativly adjust yours. Ideally you should be eating about 4-6 times per day. And when I say eating I don't mean 6 full meals. It's more like snacking all day long. You start off my eating smaller healthier foods about every three to four hours. Example: English Muffin, apple slices, and some peanut butter. And don't forget to drink plenty of water. Water is acutally essential for weight loss. But correcting your diet isn't an overnight thing. Start off small cut out sugary drinks. Starbucks, and soda should be almost non exsistant. They're all bad for your. Instead try Liptons Diet Green Tea, or some water with a lemon wedge. It's all about making smarter healthier food choices. NOT cutting food out completely. Substitute. Which bring us to the third part of the equation. If the word Diet drove a chill down your back then you may need to rethink what that word means to you. Diet should NOT mean stravation or hunger. Mental focus and a positive attitude are just as important other wise there is no point. Forget the scales. They're inaccurate and distract you from what's really important. Over all health. Find an inspiration to start you off. Find a friend and set a couple goals. Develope a support system. It's always easier when your not alone and it's not easy reseting to a new healthier life style. A proper mind set will help to keep you commited to doing your activity and eating proper when your suppose to. But it takes a little of all three to really be effective. Activity + Nutrition + Attitude = Health
Use your surroundings. Gym memberships can be expensive and going to the gym can be very time consuming in the time it takes to drive there, change, shower afterwards, etc. Those are some of the things that kept me out of the gym for a while. There's nothing you have to go to the gym, as long as you are getting some kind of exercise. There's plenty of places to do that, right outside your door. You can go for a brisk walk or jog, climb stairs, do yardwork-all things that get you moving and working up a sweat. And you'll get fresh air and a great appreciation for mother earth!

Dancers and instructors feel that dancing is looked at as a good option to lose weight these days. “Dancing is a great activity to tone up the body and can burn up to 400-500 calories per session”.  It is relief for people with busy schedules who find it hard to stick to the routine and for people who hate working on the same routine in the gym. To read more check out

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