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How Do I lose Weight When I Gotta Have What I Gotta Have?

Posted Nov 11 2010 3:33am

There’s a difference between wanting something, and thinking you absolutely must have it—a very big difference.

Is it possible that when you see something that tempts you, you feel it is of the utmost importance for you to eat it? Do you kind of think there’s no way out? Does it sometimes even seem like life or death?

That may sound extreme, but sometimes women who have a problem with overeating do feel that way, as though if they don’t go ahead and have whatever it is that is momentarily tempting them, they just might die.

Well, if you step back to be objective about it, there are not too many things you simply MUST have or you’ll actually die—medication perhaps, life-saving surgery, enough food to keep you thriving. But a piece of 7-layer chocolate cake, or a double stuffed cheese potato with sour cream, or a pint of handmade ice cream—things like these are not absolute haves or else, are they?

So, let’s say you’re on a diet and you catch yourself feeling like you’ve simply got to have some very tempting but very fattening food, take a moment and reassess the situation. “Do I have to have it?” you might ask yourself. “Or do I just want to have it? And if I wait a few minutes and really think about it, might the wanting lessen?  Might my desire to lose weight take over and remind me that I won’t die without it— that in fact I may just make my life better by not having it?”

Yes, you can want it. Yes, you may even feel like you need to have it. But you most likely don’t HAVE to have it. You can probably do very well without it. Keeping this in mind, you can then make a much more informed decision.



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