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How do I lose at least 5 lbs. in 5 days?

Posted by Stupidly-in-love

 I'm going to a school dance in 6 days and I can't fit into any of my dresses, and we don't have enough money to go buy another of the correct size. How do I lose 5 to 8 lbs. in 5 days?? Please help!!


        *No jokes please, I need serious awnsers

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You will need to do some serious calorie restriction to about 1200 calories per day and spend a good hour in serious exercise every day if you want to reach that goal.  It can be done and safely, but not long term.  The exercise will be the key to your success and make sure you stay hydrated well with water too.
Todds answer is totally bullshit! Now, u need 2 eat only veggies and fruits for that week. The ONLY liquid to touch your mouth should be water. And lots of it! walk or run (or both) a mile once a day! Cut that fat ass eating habits and try to loose the pounds... thats how to get skinny bitch!
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