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How Do I Find the Right Diet/Healthy Eating Plan?

Posted Feb 13 2011 6:17pm

To be honest with you, I think that diet is a negative word (unless of course we’re talking about my 3 Day Detox Diet – cause it’s filled with all the right information).

I prefer to call it a healthy eating plan.

Don’t you agree that the word diet often enforces negative connotations among most people? And usually with good reason.

This is mainly because of a bad experience or experiences in the past.

I prefer healthy eating plan or something along those lines. You can pick your favourite word and insert here.

So what makes up the right healthy eating plan for the right person?

I mean there are so many out there at the moment that the mind boggles.

Just of the top of my head I can name the Zone, Atkins, diet shakes, hi carb, low carb, carb cylcing, south beach etc, you get the point right?

There’s way too many to mention and it seems that a new one comes out every day.

First up – diet shakes are a big no-no. Same goes for lemon detox diets and anything that make you drink a sugary syrup to lose weight.

Ditto for acai berry scams, green tea diet scams and anything else that tells you to drink magic potion X to lose 20 pounds almost instantly.

On a side note, the real acai berries are apparently very good for you but you don’t need to pay some stupid kings ransom to get them in a magic pill.

Same goes for Green Tea – it’s a great addition to your eating plan because of all the antioxidants.

My mate and fellow Aussie fat loss expert James Kerrison is a big green tea advocate as he wrote in the comments section of my recent 13 tips to fire up your fat loss furnace blog post.

BUT that doesn’t mean you need to use some ‘magic’ diet that makes you drink green tea until it comes out of your ears – and pay a premium for it to mind you.

There is one thing you should know though if you have tried these.

It’s really not your fault. So don’t feel too bad. If I didn’t know any better from my years in the industry I probably would’ve been sucked in too!

The marketing is pretty slick. I admit that.

The only smart way to do it is to roll up your sleeves and crank out some resistance training, mix in some cardio interval training routines and make sure your diet is as clean as possible.

Remember – eat clean to stay lean.

You can’t out-train a bad diet no matter what anyone or any pill wants you to believe you can.

Eat lean meats, eat fresh veggies and fruit, eat nuts and seeds.

Eat food as nature intended it to be and don’t eat the processed rubbish.

That is the safest way and the best way to find your “right diet”.

Why take a short cut and go for the processed stuff when all you will get from that is increased belly fat, clogged up arteries and a shortened life expectancy.

Surely you don’t want that? I know I don’t.

If you want the complete run down of what should and shouldn’t be in your diet, then get your hands on my Secret Guide to Smart Eating that comes with my Aussie Fatblast Success System

I reveal exactly what should be in your shopping trolley each week and I’ll tell you how absolutely anybody can change their eating plan from the world’s worst to superstar in only 30 days.

You’ll also discover the Super Six Guidelines that are my proven methods to improve your eating habits for good.

I even throw in my recipe book that gives you 13.5 great tasting healthy meals that take 13.5 minutes or less to cook.

Who says that eating healthy means you have to spend ages in the kitchen? Not me!

What are your thoughts? Are you a diet fan or are you like me?

As a side note with my 3 Day Detox Diet – I called it a diet to get the attention of people who follow diets. This is who I need to follow this healthy eating plan. Once you see the ‘diet’ you’ll realise that it is as far away from any of those I’ve mentioned on here as you can get.

 How Do I Find the Right Diet/Healthy Eating Plan?

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