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how do herbal weight loss products change eating and exercise lifetsylte?

Posted by Judith W.

Are  there any magic herbs out there to solve the complex problems of weight gain? I think not. Instead of wasting money on products that have no proven abillity to get people to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, it would be better to spend money on healthy foods, gym equipment or a personal trainer and even a therapist to help prevent stress triggers from causing overeating.
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    For loosing weight natural way is always better,because its don't have side effects,

fruits and vegetables play an important role ,try to avoid fatty and sugary product.


I use a supplement that is all natural with zero stimulants or caffeine of any kind. It is the only thing that has worked for me and I work 2 jobs with a sick husband and 2 kids to raise and literally zero time to exercise. This product just melts off the melt and the only thing I have done different is give up Diet coke - zero exercise. Feel free to message me for more info
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