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How did you learn to live a healthy lifestyle?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Did you learn it from your parents or is it something you learned after leaving home? The only thing healthy my parents were into was Flinstone vitamins. They never worked out or went on diets. Of course, they always raised a garden but not for health reasons. How about you? Where did you learn about a healthy lifestyle?
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My mom's side. My mom has always (and still does) watched her figure. So did my grandmother, she was a beauty queen. My mom used to do "calithenics", "Lilias, Yoga and You" and she ate all dietetic everything. My grandmother used to swim, belonged to Vic Tanny health club and gave me the Royal Canadian Air Force exercise book. My grandmother was a moderate person, but my mom is....obsessed. It's annoying! My dad was heavy set and didn't exercise. But he sure could lift stuff! He loved salad bars, but he liked the creamy, cheesy stuff on them. I do, too, but I know to stay away. It's easier to be a heavy man than a heavy woman in our society!
Been Into it Since Sixteen. It's my nature to tell you the truth. But, I had health issues that were caused by stress. I started researching the best way to achieve a healthier lifestyle. While I did my research, I began eating better, working out and researching more. I found spiritual freedom while at the same time kept at the healthy lifestyle. All in all, looking back and assessing my choices I made. The spiritual freedom is the keynote. But, having a healthy body sure makes life exciting!
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