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How Can You Lose the Weight? Commitment, Commitment, Commitment.

Posted Mar 27 2010 2:00am

How many times have you heard that commitment is critical to the goal of changing your eating habits?

A good starting point is to evaluate the strength of your commitment. How strong is it now? Will it last? Is it resilient enough to take you through the ups and downs of weight loss? These are some of the measures you could take of your commitment strength

Let’s try a couple of commitment statements.

I am determined to stick to healthy dieting and lose the weight.

This time there is absolutely no question about me changing the way I’ve been eating.

Both statements sound like solid commitments.

Let’s find out how you can tell if what you say is what you will do.

Probably the best way to see if you really mean it is to see what the outcome is. But that doesn’t help you assess your commitment beforehand. It doesn’t give you the chance to do something before you don’t follow through on your commitment—and fail. That’s not good.

Here’s an idea. Why not go over the reasons for quitting vs. the reasons against quitting. Make sure you give those reasons against quitting their due. Don’t only emphasize the pros. Then take a look at some other dimensions of commitment as well: your desire, your need, your readiness, and believing that you can do it. Once again, don’t only emphasize the positives. Pay attention to the negatives. For example, I see that I lose my desire when I… (can’t get it right away; don’t have the right support).

Taking the measure of your commitment will not only let you know where you stand “commitmentwise”. It will also let you know what more you might have to do to shape up your commitment so that it’s at the strength you need it to be.


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