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How Can It Be Legal To Prevent People Eating?

Posted Oct 11 2009 12:34am 3 Comments
The weight loss industry may just be at the point where it can sell us anything. Low fat cookbooks, meal replacement programs, dieting clubs & gastric bypass surgery are now a common part of our modern vernacular. The industry is pervasive. Everywhere. Inescapable.
To my mind it prays on those that are vulnerable, unhappy, confused, & at a loss as to what to do to support themselves to greater physical & mental health. It also intrudes into the lives of those people who do not need to lose weight, but to develop positive feelings about their body, feel compelled to do so to try & fit into a societal construct of beauty & body acceptability. We have all heard of some terrible products & constructs that are marketed to people who are desperate to lose weight. Lemon Detox Diet. Cabbage Diet. Liquid Only Diet. Fasting. They are all out there waiting to snatch money from people looking for a quick fix solution to their weight concerns. Few, if any, have any lasting positive benefits & most are downright dangerous.

None of them compare however to the horror of the weight loss 'solution' proposed by Dr Nikolas Chugay. (I use the term Dr somewhat loosely here as I genuinely question how such a man can have a medical license.) The Chugay Tongue Patch involves the sewing of a mesh patch onto someones tongue that " makes chewing of solid foods very difficult and painful, limiting the patient to a liquid diet" thereby seeing them lose weight due to not being able

How in God's name is this legal? Surely this must be seen as a form of mutilation & therefore it should not be ethical to perform it. How can performing a procedure on someone that prevents them from EATING, something we all need to do to FUNCTION, ever allowed to be an acceptable surgery within the medical field? Who is this cowboy & how can he be run out of every town the world over?

The thing that worries me most is the 10 people who have already been fitted with this patch. The desperation that must exist inside of them to allow someone to do this to their bodies & self, makes me shockingly sad. I would be gravely concerned for the psychological wellbeing of anyone that truly believed this was an 'answer' & would be suggesting some indepth & supportive counselling as a more appropriate step.

I'm sticking my tongue out at you Dr Chugay & your cruel & torturous patch. To market this to people as a weight loss solution is ethically & morally wrong. How it is you have convinced yourself that this can truly help people is beyond me. Just the fact that you even think it can, should be reason enough for people to run to the hills & as far away from you as possible.
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Seems to me this is not a lot different than altering the size of the stomach. It is indeed a very desperate move for these people. I just cannot imagine doing something like this. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night choking on the patch or something like that?

Perhaps the next move is just to sew the mouth shut?

Wow!  I hadn't heard of this.  That is terrible!  It's sad that people are so desperate for a "quick" fix that they are willing to go through this.  And, seriously, what is wrong with this doctor?  Doesn't he care that people won't get adequate nutrition - not to mention the pain he's putting them through?  Just wrong!
Hi franlinb and Annette - Drastic measure isn't it and yes I agree, it's terrible.  To deliberately make it painful for people to eat makes no sense to me at all.
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