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How can I lose 4.66 pounds a week?

Posted by EmoEater

I'm 15, about 140 pounds and like 5 foot 7 inches. I want to be 100 pounds. FAST.
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1-2  pounds a week is the safest way to lose weight. Also, for someone your height 100 lbs is much too low. According to this height and weight , you're right where you need to be. Please be careful about becoming too thin.

Sheri W. is ABSOLUTELY correct.... 1-2lbs is best, otherwise you will most likely gain it back FAST and MORE. The biggest loser is NOT a realistic show and it can distort some people's perception of what is possible, so I hope that you don't feel influenced or pressured by things like that. Also, 100lbs would be considered dangerous for someone your height, you would be at risk for heart attacks, lungs collapsing, and other serious medical issues that could even kill you. When you lose weight too fast, you tend to lose muscle and that is NOT a good thing... you want to lose FAT, so the number on the scale is one of the LEAST important numbers, and also one of the most misleading. You should concentrate on how you feel, how your clothes fit, and what your body fat percentage is. A person your height and weight might look 20lbs heavier than you if they have a high body fat percentage. High body fat can also put you at risk for serious health risks, so its not the way to go. If you want some other helpful tips, check out my website as I think it might be useful for you and help you with healthy weight loss. Good luck to you!


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