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How can I loose 16 pounds in two months?

Posted by Carly

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To loose 16 pounds in 60 days, you'll have to consume 933 calories per day via exercise and diet (each pound represents about 3500 calories).  If you're young and healthy, you can do it. Aim for 300 calories from exerecise and 633 from diet. Don't go on diets that cause you to lose lots of weight in a short time. Your body may think it is starving and reduce your metabolism to keep you alive. Your biggest challenge will be to keep the weight off. You need to set up a life-style that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Concerning the exercise, each mile you walk or jog consumes approximately 100 calories, so you're looking at walking about 3 miles per day. Swimming and cycling are good alternatives to walking or jogging. Walking is much safer and easier on your body than jogging.

Concerning your diet, cut out sugars and refined foods like white bread. Aim for more veggies, fruits, and grains. Aim for low glycemic foods. Google the words glycemic values to find a table of the values for foods. Drink more water and stay away from sodas of any kind.

Good luck!

Losing 16lbs in a two month period is relatively easy to do with My 11 Day Diet, as the basic principle is to endeavor to lose an average of 9lbs every 11 days, so you could lose your target weight in three weeks, as oppesed to your six weeks time frame.

I actually lost 18lbs in 22 days so I know it can be done, and I really loved it as it was all foods that I chose, and combined with following the simple rules given, itreally was a doddle.

Check it out for yourself and let me know how you get on.

Best wishes


My 11 Day Diet

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