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How can I find a weight loss program for myself with difficulty exercising due to health problems?

Posted by jazzyjul52

I have a vestibular disorder and suffer from frequent dizzy spells or vertigo that can happen all of a sudden from too much exercise or activity. I have to be vigil and careful that I don't stir up my vertigo symptoms and have difficulty finding exercises I can do ...I want to lose weight and get fit but not certain how to go about it with my health limitations. Please advise me.
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Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to find a trainer who will help you  with balance exercises to compensate for your dizziness, maybe even a physical therapist.  Are you able to walk? Do you use a cane. If you walk on a treadmill you can hold onto the sides when you feel dizzy and there is an emergency stop button. All the gym machines have railings and I assume that holding onto them would really help you feel secure.
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